Hire world-class talent for your startup and business initiatives.

Finding and retaining talented individuals with the right mix of skills and experience can make a huge difference to your startup’s success, product roadmaps or growth. Strong talent-hiring strategies will enable your business to innovate, transform and adapt to complex challenges more successfully.

Looking for Talent? At Glomodus we listen and develop a deep understanding of your goals and culture to find and select the top talent for a wide range of technical, design and leadership roles:

  • Permanent positions including co-founders
  • Freelancers from top-10% proven specialists
  • Outsource to delivery teams with key capabilities
  • Training and mentoring plans to boost skills

Examples of roles we have experience covering are:

DevelopersDesignersProduct Management
Webapp Developer
API Developer
Fullstack Developer
Mobile Developer
DataScientist Developer
Game Developer
Security Developer
Services Designer
Product Designer
UX/UI Designer
Graphic Designer
Creative Director
Brand Designer
Animation Designer
Product Owners
Software PM
Analytics PM
Marketing PM
Growth PM
eCommerce PM
Project ManagementBusiness ServicesCustomer Services
Agile Coach
Scrum Master
Agile Project Manager
Agile Portfolio Manager
Transformation PM
Services PM
Growth Strategy
Business Intelligence
Financial Models
Social Media & Video
People HR
Social Media lead
Partner manager
Orders & tracking
Customer success
Customer feedback
Customer complaints