Create momentum, foster a strong culture, and avoid costly mistakes by partnering with us to help you get funded and build your Startup into a global business.

Our range of services is designed to assist startups in their early stages, located anywhere in the world:

  • Incubator program
  • Co-founder matching
  • Mentor matching
  • Training plans

Incubator Program

We’re a little different from traditional Accelerators, preferring to focus on the hard challenges that new teams face to have a market impact, grow, attract talent, and become a profitable business. We are not sector specific but typically prefer ideas that will or have evolved into a digitally savvy product or service, with deep tech, providing real problem solutions with the potential to scale globally. Preparing yourself for the next stage while being totally immersed in fulfilling your goals and commitments is difficult.

Our Incubator program is lean, performance-focused, and designed to supplement key areas you might have overlooked or not had time to address in enough detail. Some of the key areas we focus our Incubator mentorship and consulting are:

  • Business model, and growth planning,
  • Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)
  • Pitch deck and fundraising campaigns
  • Product innovation, market fit, and management
  • Deep tech R&D and sourcing/licensing models
  • Risk assessment and scorecards
  • Teams and skills assessment and needs
  • Accelerator partnering (we work with others)

Raising funding is also going to be a key part of your plans. Once ready, and our reviews might suggest you are ready now, then we can prequalify suitable and interested investors. once completed FP&A and the Pitch deck.

Co-founder Matching

More than one founder is nearly always better than one. Three might be even better in some cases.

It’s a tough adjustment to accept sharing your journey with other top leaders, but the chances of success and rewards are much higher.

We can find and screen the best co-founders for your startup so let’s discuss this opportunity and discover that you are also addressing one of the biggest concerns for investors.

Mentor Matching

Never hurts to listen from the experienced Entrepreneurs and Investors who have been through the many challenges Startups face through their many evolving stages. As well as our own team, we have a large network of mentors we can tap into to match you with. More importantly, we have the process and experience to ensure mentors deliver value and actually commit time and consideration to your venture.

Here are some mentors who have inspired us and are worth listening to. We can’t promise you these successful individuals but we can find you some out-of-the-box thinkers you would be excited to partner with and provide you with unique perspectives.

Ricardo Semler “How to run a company with (Almost) no rules”

Startup Training

Boost your team’s skills and motivation, and ultimately build momentum for your startup. Make your teams more confident, productive, and motivated, by boosting their skills. Identify your skills gaps and create a training program to fill them.

Standard and personalised training modules are available. Our focused training modules can be taken standalone or to complement the Startup Incubator program:

  • Startup Journey – let’s get real
  • Product-Market fit – how to find it
  • Traction – How to measure and confirm you have it
  • Pivot – why and how you should pivot
  • Growth – you’ll need it to scale
  • Business Planning – getting ready to get funded
  • Agile methodologies & MVP