Future financial planning and analysis (FP&A) for a startup is necessary to survive and convince others you have the means to turn your vision product or services into a growing business.

Your ideas and innovation may not have fully evolved yet, nor can you be 100% certain of everything, but establishing Financial Planning and Analysis (FP &A) process, will be your foundation to help you model your business, measure progress, inform decisions, and raise capital. You may have started to generate revenue or have raised some funding previously, either way, you need a methodical process for forecasting revenue, tracking spending, and generating key metrics.

FP&A will connect data from your past performance, current live activities, and forecast model. It will give you the ability to explore scenarios and provide timely insights that help decision-making and keeps your pitch deck up-to-date and relevant.

There are multiple approaches one can take, depending on the revenue and size of the business.

$0 – $10 millionNo dedicated FP&A teams but monthly manual reports and weekly dashboards for some metrics.Excel, Google, Sheets, Trace
$10 – $100 millionDedicated FP&A team with processes & weekly dashboard updates for all metrics.Excel, Cube, Adaptive, Trace
$100 – $300 millionDedicated FP&A team with processes & daily dashboard updates.Cube, Adaptive, Analplan
$300+ millionDeeper dive with more sophisticated architecture and data flows and analytics tools. e.g. SAP, MS Business Central, Anaplan

Glomodus approach is to start lean and create with you a business model in excel first that can adapt to your changing roadmap and explore scenarios. Our model is flexible and can accommodate multiple Fremium, eCommerce, Subscription, Marketplaces, SaaS, or One-off sales products or services revenue models. It addresses key metrics such as Customer Acquisition, Retention, Growth and Operation plans and constraints.

The plans and analysis will help you complete our pitch deck template, and get your plans in front of more VC’s and ready to answer key questions.