Startups bringing new ideas and innovation to the market create important benefits to our quality of life, economic growth, and other social impacts.

Glomodus has a long history with innovation and startups at all stages. From idea to growth to acquisition, the journey for a startup needs to explore new opportunities yet stay focused, also manage growth and a multitude of risks at the same time. Create a strong culture, learn and adapt quickly, and leverage metrics to give you insights and faster decision-making capabilities. Don’t forget that customers and the talent you hire also need to be at the heart of your startup.

A discussion will ascertain where we can help, but here are some areas we focus on:

Startup Incubator

Our incubator program personalised to help you expand your capabilities to meet new challenges such as raising funds. Face the challenges of your global markets with greater confidence.

Startup Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Financial planning and analysis, for a startup, to ensure you have the means to turn your vision, product, or services into a growing business.

Business Development

Capture international market share and ensure your growth roadmap becomes a key strategic pillar, with actionable ideas and hands-on new business campaigns.