Best practice financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is essential to understand, survive, and convince others you have the means to turn your vision product or services into a growing business.

Your ideas and innovation may not have fully evolved yet, nor can you be 100% certain of everything, but establishing the Financial Planning and Analysis (FP &A) process, will be your foundation to help you model your business, measure progress, inform decisions, and raise capital. Whether you’re an early-stage startup, or have been through stages of growth, you need a methodical process for forecasting revenue, tracking spending, and generating key metrics.

FP&A will connect data from your financial ledger, planned budgets, current live activities, and forecast model. It will give you the ability to explore scenarios and provide timely insights that help decision-making.

There are multiple approaches one can take, depending on the revenue and size of the business.

$0 – $10 millionNo dedicated FP&A teams but monthly manual reports and weekly dashboards for some metrics.Excel, Google, Sheets, Trace
$100 – $300 millionDedicated FP&A team with processes, integrated data & daily dashboard updates.Cube, Pigment Analplan, Planful
$300+ millionDeeper dive with more sophisticated architecture and data flows and analytics tools.Workday, Oracle PBCS, Anaplan, Prophix, Planful
£1+ billionDeeper dive with more sophisticated architecture data flows and analytics tools.SAP, IBM, Oracle Hyperion, Workday, Board, Vena

Glomodus approach is to start lean and create models in simple tools first that can adapt to your changing financial processes and operations, maintaining the freedom to integrate or migrate using composable API architectures. Build an understanding of getting the basics right first, and then scale your processes and capabilities from there.

Also essential is that your FP&A can generate derived performance metrics relevant to your business model. Metrics that address critical areas such as Customer Acquisition, Retention, Growth, Projects, and Operation plans and constraints.

Raising Funding

For startups needing to raise Seed, Series A, or Series B+ funding rounds, having a solid FP&A process will help you complete our pitch deck template regularly and easily, and get your plans in front of more VC’s,

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