Ensure your GRC aligns IT with business goals while managing risks and meeting all industry and government regulations. Our solution covers many frameworks, easy to use, adapts to your changing needs, and is very powerful thanks to an AI engine.


With our strategic 6clicks partnership, we offer a GRC solution that is cloud-based and powered by AI, that accommodates both regional and global businesses and organisations of any size or sector. It allows you to collaborate with Advisory firms, and tap into the extensive content library and support to ensure your GRC teams and management are on top of risks and controls.

Sectors we specialise:

  • eCommerce & Retail
  • Education & Universities
  • Financial Services
  • Private Equity & VC
  • Healthcare & Wellbeing
  • Manufacturing & Logistics

Advisory Firms & MSP

We help Advisory or existing MSP firms, to extend their offering with a fully digital, and extensible GRC compliance framework platform. Create a new best-practice MSP proposition that is extensible generating new client services & revenue streams.


Being Compliant Matters

Regulatory compliance is meant to not only protect your company brand and assets from penalties and fines but also to preserve strong, ongoing customer relationships through honest and ethical business practices. The risks include everything from class action lawsuits to government intervention to even criminal charges in extreme cases. Not properly following laws and regulations can place businesses in great peril. Failing to meet labor laws may result in significant fines.

Our Solution

Implement a GRC framework and operational model that works without a large burden on your teams and resources. Hub & spoke solution design, built for organizations running a single Risk & Compliance function, or distributed across multiple teams, business units or geographies.


Comprehensive Risk ManagementIdentify potential threats, assess their implications, and devise strategies to mitigate them effectively.
Trust PortalTransparent and collaborative platform lets you manage compliance and risk management with intuitive features, templates and reports.
Issues & Incident ManagementPrevent breaches from escalating into major challenges. Detect, track & manage every issue, safeguarding your business reputation.
Audit & AssessmentOur tools simplify the audit process, ensuring every aspect of your compliance process aligns with standards and auditor needs.
Policy & Control ManagementCreate, manage, and update policies with ease, ensuring they reflect the latest in regulations and global standards.
Workflows & AutomationEfficient internal control management and actionable task capability that actively involve employees across your organization.
Asset ManagementManage and maintain your information assets and link to your risks, issues and third parties to support your ISMS.
Vendor Risk ManagementAutomate vendor risk management (VRM) for streamlined discovery, assessment, and remediation.
Custom Registers & ReportsManage and maintain any risk and compliance data with our integrated no-code platform for custom registers.
Risk News & Alerts
Enhance your employee risk awareness with integrated risk-related news, events and alerts.
Projects & Playbook Plan and organise all of your team’s work in one place. Reuse templates and automate where required.

Why Choose Us?

Glomodus stands out as having a strong combination of digital, business and governance experience and knowledge. We also know what it takes to manage change to implement best practices GRC in a local or distributed environment. For Advisory or MSP firms we also understand what it takes to create, launch and scale a new GRC manage service proposition. We help you focus on growth taking the load of managing and monitoring all aspects of business compliance and risks, with smart technology and great user experience.

1. Expertise

Our team comprises of industry veterans with decades of experience in SaaS, managed services, governance, risk management, and compliance. This expertise translates into a platform that addresses your challenges and offers a better and simpler way of managing GRC.

2. Global Perspective

Glomodus brings a global perspective to your sector and local regulatory challenges. Our solutions are designed to cater to international standards, ensuring that your business is ready for global markets. The ability to monitor changes and repurpose new framework content, ensures you stay on top of GRC from one centralised platform.

3. Framework Coverage

Our success is measured by the success of clients and the frameworks we cover. You can use existing frameworks already available, or create them to your needs, making them accessible to any of your business units or functions anywhere in the world.

  • ISO 27001 – International standard to manage information security
  • PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • CISF – Cyber and Information Security Framework
  • CAS IoT – Internet of Things Control Frameworks
  • CSCF – SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework
  • CMMC – Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
  • C2M2 – Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Modeln
  • COBIT 5.0 – Business framework for the governance of enterprise IT
  • FSSCP – Financial Services Security Cybersecurity Profile
  • NIST CSF – NIST Cyver Security Framework
  • SCF – Secure Controls Framework