Scale your Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities so they benefit all areas of your business. Consider designing your business model, processes and systems around to leverage AI where it can add value.

Artificial Intelligence, including all its subdomains such as Machine Learning, Generative AI, or Robotics has emerged from either being too narrow specialisation e.g. weather predictions, algorithmic trading, or industrial scale production or being too broad and unreliable e.g. sentient robots failing to think wholistically. Shaping what looks like pure science function and finding ways to apply and scale the use of AI across all areas can lead to hugely competitive advantages long term.

Businesses must learn and adapt AI at scale to survive this new emerging future. Create an AI model development framework that can be applied to creating value for customers and employees.

Every single business area, function and problem faced should explore AI to create new solutions. Harnessing data, building automation, and delivering personalisation on-demand can all lead to long-term advantages as your business grows. Here are just some of the examples where we are putting AI to practice to deliver value today.

Qualitative Research Develop a deep understanding of your audience, channel performance, and attribution. Get to the heart of the Why as well as the What, creating insights and allowing you to adapt in near real-time.GroupSolver
Investment Portfolio Multi-asset portfolio creation and analysis for public and private assets. Manage workflows and tap into AI expertise for a wide range of due-diligence actions and risks before making investment decisions.Roboadvisor, Algorithmic Trading
Language CultureEngage global markets and employees with smart AI-powered language translation. Whether faster workflows for documents or real-time interpretation how you handle language is critical for growth.Google Translate, DeepL, easyTranslate
Compliance AutomationFace the ever-growing global protection and privacy rules with personalized legal statements that give you GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and ePrivacy Regulation compliance without expensive legal fees.Termly

AI Adoption

Blending strong consumer knowledge, and people, processed into one AI-powered enterprise, requires a new approach to developing technology and product roadmaps. We can help you find ways to accelerate AI adoption to drive growth, profit, efficiency, and optimization across your business.

Don’t let your AI pilots fail and therefore miss out on the opportunities it brings. Create the foundations for success, and be pragmatic yet persistent in the drive to adopt AI across the entire business. Discover new propositions through continuous proposition innovation. We have a range of approaches to help you scale AI successfully and generate increasing sources of value.

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