Your vision and goals require unique activities to generate and preserve value creation. Differentiating from competitors needs effective decision-making to identify, execute and adapt those activities to an ever-changing market and innovation.

Making your strategy priorities visible, measurable and well-planned, will unlock your talented teams and culture to achieve great things. Embrace continuous adaption to customer needs and technology while investing in activities that make a difference.

Accelerate your organisation’s performance, avoid misaligned projects, and focus on more meaningful value-add work. These are some of the main areas we can help you manage and apply your strategy execution. Here are some of the important solutions we can help you address:

Strategy PlanningConnect your outcomes, execution and funding to your strategy and vision. Whether seeking to grow, increase margins, restructure or drive operational efficiencies, the ability to empower teams to collaborate and stay focused on achieving goals.
Portfolio ManagementCombine both programs and product plans into one coherent portfolio, managed in one place. Assess the resources needed and ensure they are prioritised for maximum impact and value generation. Find ways to get things done faster, and anticipate disruptive forces.
TransformationElevate your transformation programs and ensure they are well-planned and resourced for success. Embedding change into your organisations is another challenge and getting alignment and clarity with everyone impacted is crucial to success.
OKRs & KPIsEnsure your corporate level and functional level outcomes can be measured, whether as OKR, KPIs or qualitative measures. Ensure success or your ability to learn and adapt is objective and driven by insights backed up by evidence.

Glomodus can help you transform your Strategy Portfolio management and execution processes and practice. Our experience and tools allow us to work collaboratively across your teams and embed best practices. Ultimately our goal is for you to derive long-term value by being self-sufficient. We also give you access to resources such as Templates and learning materials, as we think raising the bar on Strategy Execution should be embedded in every organisation’s culture.


The success of an organisation can be measured in many ways, not just profitability, and it’s that collection of different ways of measuring outcomes that motivate people and help them adapt to new challenges faced:

Create greater alignment and transparency, which in turn empowers teams to work collaboratively generating more results sooner.

OKRs and KPIs can be challenging to calculate from siloed operations. Make their importance, consistency, and visibility more explicit, and drive better decisions.

Automatically generate and communicate updates from integrations and data available in other systems.

Identify and anticipate risks such as resource constraints and constraints, and take them on proactively, avoiding disruptions.

Track key operational indicators and critical processes, and ensure your BAU is not impacted while delivering on your strategic plans.

Your team gets a clear picture of what work to prioritise without endless meetings and admin, to support all your strategic plans.


Every strategy is driven by people. Whatever your goals and plans, you need Executives, Strategic Planners, Transformation Managers, Operations leads, and Portfolio Managers all aligned, and able to see and adapt from a single common set of roadmaps.

Here are some of the challenges and needs of these roles we address:

  • “I want to see every plan in one place and measure whether we are moving towards profitability”
  • “I want all our teams to see our strategy in one place, and contribute to its speedy execution”
  • “I want my teams involved in strategic initiatives to do so from one coherent platform”
  • “I want to monitor all projects as a portfolio, and empower leadership to prioritise those that generate value”
  • “I want my long-term resource and people-intensive transformation programs to be aligned and tracked in one place”

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