Create an analytics framework that helps you make sense of your complex world, guides your strategy and speeds up decision-making.

Qualitative Analysis

  • Interviews and focus groups
  • Phenomenological Method
  • Ethnographic (Observational) Model
  • Grounded Theory Method
  • Case Study Model
  • Historical Model

Quantitative Analysis

  • Metrics Taxonomy
  • Data warehouses and events tracking
  • Data modeling and calculations
  • Visualisation tools
  • Descriptive Research
  • Correlational Research
  • Experimental Research

Business / Product Specific

Lean SaaS Data Analytics

  • What is the basic user journey of our product?
    • Do the users achieve what we expect them to achieve?
    • Are the main features of the product used?
  • What does our critical funnel look like?
    • At which step do users drop off?
    • What do they try to do instead?
  • What does our onboarding conversion look like?
    • How many people make it all the way through the onboarding?
    • How many people reach the “aha” moment?

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