Our customer-centric solutions are innovative, flexible, and cost-effective, providing genuine benefits for Startups, SME’s and large companies. Though understading your business, customers and employees, we help you shape business goals, technology choices and product roadmaps. Turn challenges into opportunities and unlock real value and long-term customer loyalty.

Product Portfolios

Understand your existing products and services and shape your future ones by developing a deep understanding of your customers, performance, market trends and market behaviour.

Invest in existing products to maximise the potential for growth and new revenues, but also have a continuous pipeline of new ideas and new products that can capture value from fundamental shifts if markets.

Products vs Services

Always have a customer-centric mindset, thinking through every aspect of your customer and employee experience, before, during and after the purchase and consumption of your products. This means allowing individuals and businesses to consume your products as they want, which often means providing the products as a service, with personalisation features.

Services are a critical component of achieving market share. Build it into every customer journey and product and use technology to unlock new ways to scale this.

Digital Enterprise

Unleash your business potential by efficiently adapting business processes on a single fully integrated ERP/Digital platform that can run and scale-up efficiently with your business. Stay focused on your competitive advantages such as product and service design and operational excellence. Let the ERP provide a usable and functional service to simplify business process and empower your teams.

  • Enterprise ERP
  • Product Sourcing & Quality
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales management & CRM
  • Website & eCommerce
  • Payments, POS & KYC
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Accounting & Invoicing
  • Much more

AI & Optimisation

The rapid progress of AI has become a powerful enabler of better customer experiences and productivity gains. Our suite of AI tools are proven solutions that can deliver real value with minimum implementation investment and run costs.

AI change is happening now and can no longer be ignored so please explore with us it’s potential to create value. Here are some of the AI use cases we currently specialise:

  • Hospitality AI-powered marketing targeted at attracting and generating more loyal customers at optimal price points. Highly segmented and personalised offerings that allow you to provide genuine competition to OTA and comparison sites.
  • Document processing automation:  Make processing documents more efficient by leveraging deep learning and rules-based recognition. Can be applied to a wide range of document types: Invoices, Receipts, Bank Statements, payslips, medical prescriptions, CVs and more. All languages are possible. Generate up to 90% cost savings.

Reports & Analytics

Your dashboard, reporting and analytics needs require a strategic approach to unlocking your data to provide insightful and actionable analytics. What ever your sector or business process we offer a wide range of self-service or personalised tools to get answers to your critical business questions.

  • Financial statements
  • KPIs & Dashboards
  • Sales reporting
  • Customer insights
  • Realtime & drillable